The Center for Educational Technology

Improving the Quality and Access to Education


Welcome! We are a new center at EKTU that seeks to improve the quality and access to education using well established educational technology principles.

We strive to:

Provide quality educational service to users

Provide additional learning opportunities

Reach a larger audience

Rising to the Challenge

COVID-19 is changing our lives and how universities do education. Educational institutions worldwide have been struggling with how to adapt to this reality. Our initial priority is to support the faculty to facilitate the development of their fully online and blended-learning courses using educational technology so that they are better prepared to rise to the challenge of providing quality education within a restricted environment.

A teacher with empty desks

What is Educational Technolgy?

More than just technology

There are two components to educational technology or edtech for short.

Educational Technology (concept)

The study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources (Januszewski & Molenda, 2013, p. 1).

Educational Technology (practice):

Combines digital technology with educational theory and practice to facilitate learning and improve performance (Kennedy, 2018).

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Our Service

We provide:


How to accomplish the task of implementing edtech


Assist the faculty as they create online courses


What users need to accomplish their job

Best practices

How to make elearning effective

Guides and Templates

Starting points and walk-thoughs


On Information Technology, Instructional Design and Pedagogy