Meet our Team

We are a highly specialized team of five members, each with their own area of expertise.

Educational Technology

Educational Methodology

Information Technology

Curriculum and standards

Partnership development and public relations

Anthony Hetrick


Anthony brings industry experience to education where he worked as a project engineer on distributed systems and then as a software engineer developing educational software. He has been working in higher education in Central Asia for 10 years teaching programming and developing elearning systems.

  • Expertise: Educational software, perceptions of elearning, methodologies of edtech in developing nations
  • Education: Doctor of Education in Educational Technology
  • Tag line: Overcoming barriers to education

Meruert Zhayzhatyrova


Meruert has been working for the EKTU for 19 years, eight of them - in the academic department. She has gained valuable experience in: the development of curriculum samples through the work of the Ministry of Education Training and Methodological Councils; the development of Modular Curricula and Modular Education Programs; coordinating the final certification of the bachelor's degree at the university; the preparation of the annual report of the university for the academic year; monitoring and conducting analyses on different projects, reports; supervising the learning process in the distance education system and unloading the relevant courses, content, disciplines of the faculty.

  • Specialty: Enterprise Economics and Management. Business Administration
  • Education: Economics, Master of Business Administration
  • Tag line: Learn and gain competencies and skills in new educational technologies

Madina Yussubaliyeva


A senior researcher with experience in project management, ESP, and TESOL. Madina is focused on advancing knowledge in management in education through planning, implementing, and analyzing successful research. She is responsible for the tri-lingual policy implementation at EKTU; engages and assists faculty in creating online and blended courses in three language of instruction. Certified administrator of the TOEFL test center, contributes to the University's English Language Assessment Center

  • Specialty: TESOL, project management, TOEFL TCA
  • Education: Master in Management, currently in doctoral studies
  • Tag line: Keep on learning new things

Anastasiya Zhangerbayeva

Instructional Design Specialist

Anastasia is engaged in instructional design and offers assistance to the faculty in the development of online courses. She has experience in planning and developing educational materials using modern technologies, developing evaluation activities, project-based learning, etc. In addition to teaching, Anastasia has experience in real estate, tourism and hospitality, where she has acquired skills and experience in customer service.

  • Specialty: Innovative teaching methodoligies, TESOL
  • Education: Foreign Language Instruction. Master of Arts in TESOL
  • Tag line: Living in the quest to become better at everything I do